Dealing with a number of recent comment spam attacks whilst in a considerably frazzled state of mind (no thanks to bloody work!) has finally bit me on the bum: I deleted my last weblog post! For the first time in four years! Doh!

Sorry about that. For what it’s worth, it was nothing special anyway. I just cannot be bothered to reconstruct it, so if I’ve broken a cardinal rule of permanent URLs / weblogging / whatever, please forgive me!

Returning to the site—specifically dealing with these dumb-arse attacks—I started a re-design a long time back. But I also have the next version of DominoWiki on the stove too. And stacks of tedious work. And stacks of tedious documentation. And a presentation to write. Oh Lordy… Back to it!


  1. stop your whining and get on with it!!!! ;-)Simon Barratt#
  2. You make a compelling point :-)

    I am getting on with it!Ben Poole#

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