IBM certification textLast week I took some of those new-fangled ND6.x certification exams, seeing as how I was so slack as to let my PCLP in releases 4 and 5 lapse. Well, I took the third and final exam this morning, by way of light relief from the day job. This was exam 612, which focuses on web development with Domino.

I must confess, my revision was limited to ten minutes going through file protection documents, setting up SSL on Domino boxes… stuff like that ;-) But hey, I should know this stuff, I’ve been doing it long enough! Anyway, as the subject line suggests, I managed to get through it, so my CLP status is definitely back. What I still don’t know is how my having already passed exam 273 jives with the ND6 certifications. I guess I’m a PCLP too… who knows?

Either way, I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from IBM this afternoon containing the certificate for passing last week’s exams—quick work!


  1. Good job! Aren't those tests fun?

    I got my "IBM Certified Advanced Application Developer - Lotus Notes and Domino 7" designation due to the 273 test I took back in 2000 so I'm sure it'll work for you also.

    You mentioned that you were surprised how quickly the cert arrived. They've apparently done a lot of work on the cert processing in the last couple years. Have you seen your list of tests and certs on the member site? It's very cool. I was amazed the first time I found that page and saw my tests going back to 1998. Go to this link:

    …and find the My Certifications under on the Member Services page.Jim Anderton#
  2. Thanks Jim; yes, I’ve been to that site, and it was kind of weird seeing my transcript dating back to 1999!

    I took 273 in 2002, so hopefully it will still count. Oh well: onwards!Ben Poole#
  3. Yes, 273 will still count towards the advanced level certification. However you may have to specifically request the advanced certificate as they seem to send out the ordinary level version by default.Alastair Whitham#

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