Little and often

The new mantra for DominoWiki! I’ve put in a fair bit of work, and received a number of excellent contributions from the community: I think it’s nigh time a release was made, rather than hanging out for a whole load of tweaks, fixes and features that, frankly, are going to take me a while at the current rate. So, what say you? This is what I am proposing:

Version 1.1 will comprise a few bug fixes. It will include fixed MIME types for all resource documents (CSS, Javascript, XML, and so on). The basic versioning functionality is fixed (no lost content!), but page diffs and a user interface for promoting / demoting versions is coming in a future version. Thanks to Matt White some of this code is already in place.

What else for now though? Well, duplicate categories and disappearing checkboxes are sorted (I think). You really can’t create pages with no title. You can do some basic wiki mark-up to produce tables in your content (thanks to Ralf Lutter!). Attachment names are properly URL-encoded throughout the application. The current version is displayed on the front page. You can easily view uncategorised pages

Another new thing is internationalisation: DominoWiki does the multi-lingual web interface thing in the same way as domBulletin—or at least it will do. You can see now how the implementation is going to pan out, but the work isn’t complete in 1.1, so no need for translators yet!

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