THIS is why UNIX rocks

SubEthaEdit application iconIt’s this kind of tip that really illustrates why UN*X-variant operating systems rock the house. The real simple stuff: take one utility, and make it do one thing really well. Then, come up with an ingenious way of linking all of these wee utilities together in an amazingly simple, yet powerful, way (to the point where other operating systems copy you because it’s simply so cool): pipes!

Continuing with the more advanced stuff: Adding many files via the svn add command can be a tedious effort. Especially if they are dispersed over many directories. But here the see command line tool can help. Instead of svn add do

svn st | see | sh

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  1. What is the "see" command?
  2. see is SubEthaEdit… you now know as much as me, maybe Ben can illuminate us both further…

    Welcome to the command line Ben… ;)James Spinks#
  3. “Welcome”?? I’m in it as much as I can be mate—I only use Windoze ’cos of work!!

    Marc, see is a command line utility which invokes SubEthaEdit, a tip-top collaborative text editor for Mac OS X. You get the option to install the see utility when you fire up SubEthaEdit.Ben Poole#

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