Thinking about calendars

Lately, I’ve been giving some thought to exporting my Notes calendar into a more usable format. The trigger for this has come from a number of places all at once:

  • I recently bought myself an iPod nano. No sooner had I posted about the shuffle one year on, the bloody thing’s switch broke. I could still use it, but its days were numbered, and sure enough last week it stopped working altogether. It’s just a USB key now (the switch isn’t required for that)! So, I bought a nano: I’m giving the iPod world one last chance. The nano can display contacts and calendars, so if I can get an export thing happening from Notes, super.
  • When it comes to PDAs, my one is ancient, and somewhat embarrassing. I am so shallow.
  • When it comes to PDAs, we use EasySync at work, and it’s crap.
  • Ursus Schneider emailed me with his thoughts about the whole calendar publication thing a while back—that resurrected my nascent thoughts on the subject and I started to read around once more.
  • Hey, I coded some vCard stuff yonks ago, how hard can vCal / iCal be?
  • When it comes to OS X, calendars, and Notes, some of you may be thinking “Lipsync”. Well, it would appear that that is not a sensible route to go down.

So, in some kind of cosmic coincidence, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Thomas Yung has taken the old R5 iCal import / export routines from the Lotus Sandbox and reworked them for ND6 / ND7. Sounds good, so time for me to check it out


  1. Hi Ben

    damnit -> still haven't gotten round to doing any programming though - I'm on holiday now for a couple of weeks - maybe when I come back I'll actually get round to programming :o)

    Keep up the good work

  2. Hey Ursus. Hopefully I will be putting some stuff together to address what we discussed. If I do, I will post it -- either here or at OpenNTF. Enjoy your holiday, don't panic :-) Ben Poole#

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