Stadium Arcadium

Cover of Stadium Arcadium albumI’m a long time fan of the Chilis (seventeen years plus!), so needless to say, I picked up Stadium Arcadium on the morning of its release, and gave it a good listen whilst firing up Word at work (bah)—classic Chilis so it is. Happily, Frusciante is singing more and more (I really like his voice) and complements Kiedis very well. I started to notice how they were really getting into harmonising on Live in Hyde Park and this has continued. Great stuff.

Generally, the reviews I’ve read have been very positive. One or two have been lazy though: whenever an artist releases a two-disc album, for some reviewers this means dragging out the cliché machine once more. The typical comment is along lines thus: “the album would have been truly great if just one disc, rather than stretching over two.” Well, in the case of Stadium Arcadium, that’s bollocks. The two discs feature twenty eight strong songs, there’s very little in the way of filler here.

You are also hearing the sound of analog tape, may it live forever.
—John Frusciante, 2006

Other points of note: we get to hear Flea play his first love (trumpet), whilst Chad Smith is just as cool as ever and special guest Billy Preston contributes some fonkay clavinet on “Warlocks”. It’s a winner.


  1. I'm with you on here Ben, Although I havent got this album yet, I know what your saying about Frusciante and the harmonising stuff, he has become such a better singer since his early days. You might wanna check his solo stuff out it's a little more abstract and lot less funky than the RHCP, but none the less its good stuff.
    Im in a band and I'm going to be learning the new one Dani California for this weekend.



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