We are four

I almost forgot again! is four today. Woo hoo!


  1. Congratulations, Ben. Two suggestions: A captcha controller to get rid of the spam comments, and print "Enter a comment" instead of "No comments". The latter suggests, you cannot comment. ;-)Volker Weber#
  2. Thanks vowe. Your suggestions mean coding! As you know, something I haven't been doing much of lately.

    However, tired of deleting spam I finally did some work on the site this weekend. At the latest attempt, five spam comments got through, 49 didn't make it. So we're getting there… ;-) Ben Poole#
  3. Congratulations! 4 years? already?! Brendon Upson#
  4. wahey! :-)jonvon#
  5. Congrats Ben.

    For one minute after reading the headline in my reader, I thought your family had grown some more!Simon Barratt#
  6. Congratulations! Here's to four more.Ben Langhinrichs#
  7. Congratulations Ben!!

    My blog ( is only 6 months old, and I can understand what four years of blogging means.

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