They’re here!

As widely predicted, Apple have finally released the Macbook, i.e. their Intel-based consumer laptop line. You can get ’em in white or black, in a few different configurations. 30% more viewing area than the old iBooks, built-in wireless and iSight, Front Row, etc., etc.



  1. I just had my parents over for a visit, they were very impressed with the iMac, and, as the Apple store in my town just opened on Saturday (it was heaving!), they had the opportunity to talk there at the genius bar.

    I just sent them all the bumph on the MacBook. So, maybe another convert on the way…Simon Barratt#
  2. Very nice but the $150 premium for black does seem a bit crazy.

    It's funny that other laptop vendors such as Lenovo are trying to look cool by building laptops with Titanium cases whereas Apple makes black cool again. Once again showing who's leading trends and who's following them in computer hardware.Bob#
  3. Yes I don't understand the premium for black. Of that $150 most of it's for the colour (the black model has 20GB more disk space than the equivalent white one). Odd.

    Another thing is stuff like memory: Apple charge a fortune for that. I would be inclined to buy the basic units and then upgrade the hard drives and RAM myself -- especially as both are easily user-serviced in the Macbook.Ben Poole#
  4. @3: Actually the premium in the US is $200 and the larger hard drive is $50 of that. So it's $150 just for black paint. Black is the new black :-)Bob#

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