How to attract morons

If you have a spare moment, you might want to go and check out Damien’s recent post, Signs You’re a Crappy Programmer (and don’t know it). It’s well-written, thought-provoking, and (as always) funny as hell. Whether you agree with every point or not—and frankly, it would be scary if you did, this post was intended to stir up debate—it’s absolutely hilarious to check out the comments…

… All 149 of them (at the time of writing).

Yep, Damien’s post made it to Digg, the new cesspit for on-line idiocy (slashdot is sooo 2001).


  1. You are right. I do agree with all of them, which is truly scary. Fortunately, nobody ever sees my code but me, so nobody else has to live with it. The customers don't seem to care as long as it works. Ben Langhinrichs#
  2. The customers don't seem to care as long as it works.

    Exactly: I like Damien’s post because it advocates the pragmatic approach. Too much design can be just as dangerous as none at all.Ben Poole#

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