DominoWiki 1.1. in the wild

If you’re interested in DominoWiki, please head on over to my wiki pages and have a play, kick the tyres. Version 1.1 is now live on that site, and I’m keen to give it a bit of a test before I release it on the OpenNTF project pages. A summary of the changes in this version:

  • Compliant HTML and CSS. Well, mostly
  • Resource documents (Javascript, CSS, HTML, XML, etc.) all rendered using the correct MIME type
  • Bug fixes: duplicate categories, root pages, “lost” version documents
  • Sundry style tweaks
  • Started internationalisation—you won’t see this bit, but some page text (i.e. text other than the wiki mark-up) is rendered dyamically, and languages can be switched
  • Simple table rendering via new wiki mark-up tags
  • Bug fix re text in browser window titles
  • Attachment names URL-encoded
  • Javascript to trim and really check the text you suggest for new page titles
  • Various back-end tweaks (you won’t see these)

Go play! My thanks to Matt White, Ralf Lutter and Paul van Rijswijk for help with this, and upcoming, releases.

Update: I’ve added a bug report page to the wiki, so feel free to report any issues encountered there. Thanks!


  1. I've added a few bugs and expanded on some of the ones that were already recorded. Do you want to just use one page to store all bugs ? Is this going to be manageable for you? Perhaps have one bug page per release.

    Since I can't access the style tips at the moment, can you email me the new markup codes for tables etc so that I can give them a try?

    EthannEthann Castell#
  2. The style tips bug is restricted to IE—if you use Firefox or Safari you’ll be fine. Re new releases, I’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. I don’t imagine I’ll be doing hat many to be honest!Ben Poole#
  3. Ok, I checked the blog out with Firefox. Tried the tables in IE and they work great !

    I want to make sure that I understand you. You're saying that you're going to finish the 1.1 release but unsure about other releases after that. Is that correct ?
    Ethann Castell#
  4. Correct. There are some things I want to finish in DominoWiki, and I want the product to be a fully-fledged, i.e. iron some of the sillier bugs, get versioning complete, incorporate the diff engine we have (courtesy of Matt White).

    Once that stuff is done, DW is complete in my book. It was intended to be a simple wiki implementation for Domino, and once the next couple of versions are done, then that is what it shall be.

    Whilst Lotusphere fired up a lot of enthusiasm for me with regards DW, I'm conscious that I simply don't have enough time to devote to it -- case in point is v1.1. It's taking me AGES to get it to a release state.

    Now, seeing as you have the domain name registered Ethan, does this mean you have plans?? :-D Ben Poole#
  5. Damn, new I should have paid the extra for whois protection. :-)

    Yes I do have plans. Not a competing product, just a Wiki implementation. I started off with version 1 of Domino Wiki but stopped for a couple of reasons.

    The first reason was time (like everyone) and the project kept falling down the priority ladder. Now I religiously use MS Project to plan weeks and months ahead and the surprising thing is that it actually works for me. So I've scheduled some time later this year. Hopefully priorities won't change.

    The second reason was that I wanted the UI to be quite different. I started hacking around with the db at speed, and got into an awful mess.

    I'll wait for the 1.1 final release with anticipation. I'll probably make changes to the UI but try my best to retain compatibility with the core code. Kind of a "skin" approach. I also want to add template functionality and will try to make this unobtrusive. Any code I create I'll send to you and can incorporate, laugh at, or both.

    Beyond that, if you are looking at someone taking over the reins then I "might" be interested. Let's see what happens.Ethann Castell#
  6. Hi Ben!

    I just remembered I had a site with your Wiki installed. It is very poor at the moment but the update is just what I need to do some work on it. It is at (I had to go an look at a database with a screen snapshot to remember the url :-) ) so it is way out of date.

    Anyway, thanks for the template.

    Speak soon.Ray#

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