A greenhouse?

Lotus greenhouse graphicOoh, that Mr. Guidera, he is a one. He just posted this tantalising tidbit, linking to a Lotus Greenhouse Dogear wiki (“Dogear” is, apparently, an internal social bookmarking product at IBM), which appears to be based on Confluence. Now, Confluence is by far the coolest wiki product I’ve used (we have it at work). It’s just a shame that the the wiki page Mac references doesn’t exist at the time of writing ;-), but here’s a link about the Lotus Greenhouse at least:

Lotus Greenhouse. Intriguing stuff.

Update: damn, that was fast. Whilst I was updating this post, Luis Suarez commented; thanks Luis!

Another update: as has been pointed out on Volker’s site, the Greenhouse pages are somewhat “up and down” at the moment, whilst the content is finalised. Whilst you’re waiting you might be interested in this article about social bookmarking and Dogear: Social Bookmarking in the Enterprise (thanks John).


  1. Hi Ben, actually Lotus Greenhouse will be providing a unique view on some of the stuff that IBM has been working on regarding social software or the so-called Web 2.0. Dogear (Dogear - A Unique Tool for Organizing and Sharing Information is just one of the different tools we are piloting inside IBM at this very moment). It is actually a social bookmarking tool, pretty much along the lines of but on steroids, and in the recent past I have actually weblogged about it a few times. In case you are interested here is a link ( for you to read on further. Hope that helps…Luis Suarez#
  2. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be available (access denied) to general plebs Dave Harris#

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