Well the whole world is writing about how Robert Scoble is leaving Microsoft. I just have to add my own cheap-shot:

I was sitting in the studio listening to Robert Fripp a few weeks back play for hours. Why? To find one 2.5-second clip of sounds.

Why take that effort? Cause that sound will play trillions of times over the next decade.

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Damn straight. No doubt the whole world will be listening to that sound over and over and over and over and over and over again. You know what I’m getting at [smiley PokeTongue]

So there you go. I guess there is hope for us all. If you admire “whores” like Dvorak, it’s possible that you too can gain credit for being a technologist to the degree that you will get a new job out of your web site. No sour grapes here. No sir. :-)


  1. Ben, I'm quite sure you make more money than Scoble did at MS. No need to be sour.Ed Brill#
  2. No, no, he earns more than me. But it’s not about the money anyway ;-) Ben Poole#

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