Show ’n’ tell XI: cheating

Show-n-tell Thursday logoI’m cheating with this particular show-and-tell I’m afraid. What I’m showing is the latest beta of DominoWiki version 1.1, and then I’m telling you about it…

There are a few tweaks and bug fixes in this release, but the main reason I’m releasing it is so you can finally get a look at the new page history feature. The delay in implementing this is entirely mine: Matt White put the code together some time back using his own ingenuity together with some open-source Javascript routines to manipulate text differences, output XML, and so forth.

So, I’ve now integrated Matt’s fine work in the latest pre-release template of DominoWiki, and here’s how you can see it in action!

  • Go to my wiki site and locate a page (at the time of writing, the following pages have versions available to compare, but you can create versions of most pages on the site simply by editing and saving a page: Bruce, Version Testing).
  • Click on the new “History” link at the bottom of the page
  • Voilà: check out the interface, and see how it renders page differences (note that only the two most recent versions are compared at the moment).
  • Cool eh?

Detail from DominoWiki page showing new History link

I have tested the functionality in Firefox 1.5.04, Safari 2.0.3 and IE56. See how you get on, and by all means provide some feedback in the page I’ve created for the purpose: PageDiff feedback. Please bear in mind that this is a beta release.

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