Sametime 7.5 beta 2

OK, so Ed has laid-out what is really going on: the Sametime demo site touted by Bruce and Volker is something that’s out in the wild when it really shouldn’t be. Well, OK. But assuming you can get to the site at all (and certainly that side of things seems a lot happier now!), at least sort out the damn installer… ;-)

So you register. Fine. Then log in, and log in again (no single sign-on). Fine. Then check out the downloads page, and select the Mac client download. Note that the downloaded file will be a command file which should then go on to create a mountable disk image in OS X on your system. A strange way of working, but hey, no matter, let’s grab the download and get going!

Screenshot showing me trying to run the Sametime command file on OS X

Except that the command file does not work. “Ah, maybe ’tis a permissions issue!” quoth the Ben, thinking himself knowledgeable and all UNIX mage-like. Well, one chmod call later, and this is where we’re at. OK, so this is a beta. But a lot of people are going to fall at the first fence with this guys, sorry.

Lest anyone thinks I’m being nasty, please don’t take it that way: there is a real appetite / enthusiasm for this stuff: I for one have been waiting to see a proper Sametime Mac client for many years, and I’ve already tinkered with an earlier beta on Windows. It showed great promise, I liked it very much.

We’re excited, that’s all: keep up the good work, and keep those releases coming!

Update: Volker posted the chmod required the other day in case anyone else is doing this: Software for administrators, from administrators. Hope you have better luck than me!


  1. .. and then you get that far, launch the software, and find 'The Sametime server seems to be temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.'

    Of course, there are different definitions for the word 'temporarily' - but it would be really nice to check the software out!Nick Daisley#
  2. Nick, the client is pre-configured with the wrong server. You have to set this to the demo server. Why does the user have to do it? Because the admin didn't.Volker Weber#
  3. I downloaded the client again, and was able to successfully install. However, I couldn't connect to the demo server last night, so will try again later.Ben Poole#
  4. Any word if there's some kind of feedback/bug submission system out there for this?

    I'd rather not post the issues I have on my blog until I've made an attempt to report to IBM first.

    I like a lot of the improvements in the interface (no more Soviet GUI!). I'm more concentrating on using it against my 6.5.1 server at the moment. I can't get it up on my Mac though. I got through the .command and mounted the .dmg. Launching fails though. Whee.

    Scott Gentzen#
  5. There doesn't seem to be a clear bug submission route, although IBM have a link to the right of the page, "Report a problem with this demo site."

    There is also a discussion forum, which I imagine they will be monitoring:

    As for the app itself, I really like it. A vast improvement on the old ST client, and I know our users are going to love this one.Ben Poole#
  6. THis did sneak out early because they left the installers there on the demo server they were using for the meetings. A mistake on their part.

    They also were not ready to formalize a public beta bug reporting center I bet. The private one is full enough with comments.Chris Miller#

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