WinFS: so now it’s official

Charles Miller explicates the recent weblog post about the official abandonment of WinFS:

Journalists know the game, and play it because that’s how things are done. Take the middle-man out, though, and the whole thing just looks like what it is: fake, fake, fake. It’s perfectly reasonable to sugar-coat a bitter pill, but giving someone a teaspoon of sugar while you sneak up behind them with the suppository won’t make you any friends at all.

Charles Miller: We Come to Bury WinFS….


  1. I'm sometimes glad that I don't posess the skill sto be that cynical. However it does make a lot of sense as a marketing strategy when innovation is not one of your company's strong points.

    No doubt there are some good parallels between Outlook / Exchange vs Notes / Domino marketing from MS but I'll leave those to the experts.

    MattMatt White#

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