Open source update

Well, exciting events this week in the world of open source software. In no particular order:

  1. Puakma Tornado. Congratulations to Brendon Upson and co. who released Tornado server under a GPL. Excellent stuff.
  2. DominoWiki is this month’s spotlighted project on Never heard of it. *cough*
  3. Spring / Aspect-Oriented Programming / AspectJ. I attended another seminar this week with SkillsMatter, this time presented by Adrian Colyer, entitled Spring 2.0 - Simplifying Enterprise applications; Aspect-Oriented Programming in the Enterprise. Really interesting stuff, all tied-in with the splendid Spring framework. The session was very good, and AOP looks to be an intriguing way of solving a number of issues. My head hurts a little now though.

Good show all round!

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