Oh what a finish

I feel for the French: in this game, they were by far the better side. But Zidane just went bonkers (what was that all about??), Henry was substituted, and they didn’t quite meet the mark on penalties. Being an Englishman, for me it’s always sad to see something as important as the World Cup final decided on penalties, but there it is: Italy broke their duck, so fair enough!

BBC sport: Italy win World Cup on penalties.


  1. That was one "wicked" head butt…

    I'd have made sure to take a dive if someone had dome that to me… :)Duffbert#
  2. That head butt was very odd. Otherwise, I think it is a shame that they had to decide on penalties, but I'm not sure it would be better to keep having extra periods until enough people keeled over that somebody else could score.

    By the way, what exactly does "Italy broke their duck" mean?Ben Langhinrichs#
  3. Italy have a record for losing out to penalties that almost rivals that of England. So, for the team to finally win something like the World Cup, base don penalties, well that's quite something for Italy. Thus they have broken their "duck", their record of not quite making it.

    Derivation of the term? Not sure. I suspect a search on t'interweb will provide plent of answers, but "golden duck" and "breaking one's duck" are cricketing terms originally. The former expression refers to a player being bowled out without having made a single play: Poole#

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