When IBM talk about social software, they always bundle ’blogs with wiki technology. And some of us have been somewhat bemused at this. Sure, we know that Big Blue have bought the services of Steve Castledine and his excellent DominoBlog template for incorporation in the upcoming 7.0.2 release of IBM Lotus Notes, but what about wikis?

There are a few wiki pages on alphaWorks here and there (e.g. the is-it-live-or-not Lotus Greenhouse site), but these are based on a third-party application called Confluence (which I thoroughly recommend: we use it at work). I figured IBM had to be doing something with wikis, and sure enough they are—it just took me two months to pick up on the news :-)

ZDNet news: IBM eyes programming for the masses

The IBM product is a proof of concept at this stage, called QEDWiki. It sounds like it has a touch of what JotSpot and SocialText are doing with their wiki products, i.e. extending the base functionality so that it forms application building blocks. Now, is anyone else getting the same sense of déjà vu as me when they hear this sort of thing:

The idea of application assembly, in which businesspeople, rather than programmers, build their own applications, has been around for some time, but that vision has never been fully realized, IBM said.

… ?

See also: IBM press release, November 2005. IBM has a lot of intellectual investment in its Social Networking Platform.

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