Acronyms... grrr...

This is an extract from a broadcast email I received today:

"… will focus on gaining an understanding of the KM needs and current capabilities… and will work with the OMT and ELT to identify cost effective ways of enhancing where necessary our approach to KM… all within the spirit of MiE.

I haven’t got a sodding clue what the fellow is on about.

It’s at times like this you really want an <abbr> or <acronym> tag in emails. Although having said that, I don’t think this particular communication could be rescued with anything. It’s too far gone…


  1. That sort of e-mail is written by someone who doesn't seek to communicate, but rather to communicate his/her "specialness".Ben Langhinrichs#
  2. Where is my secret decoder ring. The T must be Team, LT might be Leadership Team and MT Management Team. But wtf is MiE? :-)Volker Weber#
  3. Ah, I must confess that I know what “MiE” means. But if I told you vowe, I’d have to kill you. LOL Ben Poole#
  4. Here's my guess:
    KM=Knowledge Management
    OMT=Operational Management Team
    ELT=Executive Leadership Team
    MiE=Making it Excellent!

    WAY too many assumptions in there though. These days AOP doesn't mean Aspect-Oriented Programming, it means Abbreviation Obsessed Person.Don McNally#
  5. Don, I don’t have all the answers, but I think I can honestly say this: you’re good ;-) Ben Poole#
  6. One secret decoder ring is at although I doubt it will get the special 'internal' ones like MiEJames Spinks#
  7. OMGWTFBBQsteve#
  8. @5: Too much time spent around management and various "quality" programs. Not to mention IM chats!Don McNally#

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