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Podcast iconNow that I have a proper iPod, I have suddenly found myself really getting into this podcast thing. It started off small, with them thar Taking Notes episodes (which just get better and better: if you’re not listening, get a grip and sort yourself out with some mp3 goodness), but I’m starting to spiral out of control now. Being a proponent of Andy Hertzfeld’s super-duper folklore site, full of splendid Apple geek history, it didn’t take me long to find Derek Warren’s Macintosh Folklore podcasts—all the stories from the website for your listening pleasure. Recommended.

Next up, music. Once I got in to the excellent Zero 7 album, The Garden, I was delighted to discover official podcasts from Sam and Henry, the two chaps behind the band. Splendid!

OK, so we’re on a roll now. I’ve saved the most hilarious ’til last. My British reader may be familiar with an old(ish) late night amusement called The Adam & Joe Show. Well, the fellows behind that now do a radio show and podcast for XFM. I subscribed a few days ago, and listened to episode one on the way back from the Chili Peppers gig Saturday night. Ab. So. Lute. Ly brilliant. So funny. I’ve listened to a couple more episodes since, and people seeing me walk down the street must think I’m mad(der). But hey ho, it’s a scream and well worth listening to (if only for their trenchant analysis of R. Kelly’s latest opus).

Podcast links

(The above links take you directly to the podcasts in question at the iTunes music store, assuming you have iTunes installed).

So how about you? Got any shows you can’t be doing without?


  1. A year or two ago a coworker got me hooked on a cute little all-Flash site called The site concept is a bit difficult to explain, but it provides occasional amusement. The primary feature is a more or less weekly segment wherein one of the characters (named "Strong Bad", who wears a wrestler's mask and boxing gloves… and, for some reason, no shirt) answers a supposed fan email. They recently started a video podcast highlighting a few dozen of his responses:

    Naturally, you'd need a video iPod to get the full brunt of these, and there are a couple hundred more on the site. Enjoy…Tim Tripcony#
  2. I use a site called (run by Adam Curry) to find new podcasts to listen to on the train. Overall I guess I listen to 3 or 4 hours a day at the moment!

    Top of the league for me are…

    I could go on!

    I'll definitely be adding the Adam and Joe show to the list now as well.

    MattMatt White#
  3. Thanks for the plug Ben and thanks for listening.

    BruceBruce Elgort#
  4. Thanks for the recommendation. Just listened to a couple - very funny!Simon Barratt#
  5. My favourites in no particular order are:

    Boagworld -
    Diggnation -
    Enough Rope -
    KCRW's Good Food -
    Science Friday -
    This Week in Tech -
    Inside the Net -
    Cranky Geeks (John C Dvorak) -
    The web 2.0 Show -
    Dustin Diaz -

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