Skype and the Mac

So it’s been trumpted here, there and everywhere that Skype have finally released a beta of version 1.5 of their software for the Mac… and this version offers video support, at long last. Or does it?

Select your video device in Skype under Tools > Options > Video and make sure it is functioning by clicking on the “Test Webcam” button (note: firewire devices are not supported at this time)

(My emphasis). This is an extract from the Windoze FAQ, rather than the Mac one, but I think we can safely assume that the same applies for OS X. Bah.

Oh well. My camera works with iChat anyway (and has done for a long time!)


  1. unlucky sir! isight plays nice though!Simon Barratt#
  2. I will test tonight on my iSight and report back boss.Bruce#
  3. The iSight is supported! Now to find somebody to have a video call with.Bruce Elgort#
  4. Maybe Simon? :-) Ben Poole#
  5. yeah, i can show you the cast on my leg in glorious motion!Simon Barratt#
  6. not that it moves muchSimon Barratt#
  7. The iSight in my MBP works fine with Skype, which is nice.Matt White#

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