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Way back when I were a lad, a nipper starting out on my journey with my bass guitar, I loved a bit of early Level 42. Crazy instrumentals, amazing drumming from Phil Gould, understated licks from his brother on guitar, and some of the best keyboard work ever from Mike Lindup and Wally Badarou. Finally, of course, there was Mark King on bass…

Well, I was delighted to see this clip on youtube. It’s great fun. Whilst not quite the Level 42 heyday (that was around 1985 in my book), Mark King still tours with a good band. And if they still kick out jams like Mr. Pink, well, that’s all good (don’t worry if you don’t know this track: it isn’t just a bass solo!)


  1. Time to rip my Level 42 CDs to the Sonos. Would you believe there is not a single one on yet?Volker Weber#
  2. Done that. World Machine, Running In The Family, Staring at the Sun. ;-)Volker Weber#
  3. They’re OK albums. Esp. World Machine. But vowe, you have to do the early stuff. The double live album A Physical Presence is worth getting hold of, trust me! Ben Poole#
  4. Ah - the 12" version of 'Hot Water'. I think I actually wore that one out :-) Good job it's all been re-released on CDs.
    Caught them a couple of years ago in York, still good - and playing to a full house…Ian B#
  5. Ben,

    Alarmingly I'm listening to "Return of the Handsome Rugged Man", still my fave 42 track. I still get asked when I'm going to do the tribute band again.

    The answer's "never", did it in Fibbers in York in 2000 and had the time of my life. Opening with Hot Water is something I will not forget, we did a lightening version of Chinese Way as well.

    Jase Bell#
  6. Good to hear from you Jason! Ah, The Chinese Way: I was so proud of myself when I got that one down… with backing vocals too! LOL Ben Poole#

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