Congrats Bruce, commiserations Gayle

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you can’t help but have known that last weekend Bruce and Gayle got married. Congratulations guys! However, I have a couple of beefs:

  1. As Volker pointed out, Bruce didn’t ’blog live—or indeed, podcast!—from the wedding. Tsk.
  2. The man is already back contributing comments to our sites! Now Bruce, that ain’t much of a honeymoon…

Anyway, Bruce and Gayle: I wish you a life-time of happiness together. Good work :-)


  1. THANK YOU for the best wishes! Our wedding was fabulous! We could not have asked for a more perfect day! Pictures are coming!

    And yes, Bruce didn't miss a heartbeat in getting back into the old "techy world"….I think he actually went through withdrawals!!!

    I have to say, I was kind of lonely for the first night back….but, I married a "geek" and I guess that is what us "geek wives" have to live with once in a while! (hehe)

    Gayle Elgort#
  2. @Gayle,

    I was busy editing the Pamela Anderson/Tommy Lee version of our wedding night! LOL (I wish).

    Thanks for the kind words.Bruce Elgort#

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