Further thoughts on WWDC so far

Apple Xcode application iconVolker posted about the big letdown that was Steve Jobs’ keynote yesterday, as Apple’s WWDC 2006 kicked-off in San Francisco. Of course, the focus was on Leopard, at least what was shown of it. As I stated in comments over at, I did miss the “Oh and one other thing…” that makes a great Stevenote. But no matter. The more I peruse the Apple site, the more I like what’s going on.

Take, for example, Dashcode. We all knew it was coming, and sure ’nuff, it’ll be there. It looks splendid, and offers something compelling for casual users wanting to knock up a widget or two. The low barrier to entry immediately had me wishing Macs were more prevalent in corporate environments: if you combine the new intranet protocol with some home-grown widgets on users’ desktops, you have a lot of happy campers. Then of course there’s Time Machine: back-up and restore for the rest of us. I like that.

At work we’re constantly messing with electronic meetings over the intranet, getting presence awareness into applications (especially email), fiddling with screen sharing and presenting during voice conferences: all of this stuff is right there in OS X, and getting better next year—check out the sneak peek of iChat in Leopard.

But what about developers? It is a developer conference after all. Well, after you’ve lusted for a fully-loaded Mac Pro, I would say that Xcode is going to be worth a second, third, and fourth look. In the world of IDEs, Eclipse and a couple of others get all the press—and rightly so. But if you have a Mac, Xcode is really looking like a big playa. The “Xray” timeline for debugging is intriguing (interestingly, Leopard has DTrace kernel integration), and the notification model within the IDE looks to be genuinely useful without being intrusive. Add to that myriad performance gains and things like the “Research Assistant”, and you have a nice package for a developer.

So who do I have to convince to replace Stinky (my IBM Thinkpad) with a Macbook Pro? :-)


  1. I'm wondering the same thing re replacing stinkpad with Macbook Pro…there are some good deals at present which makes me wonder if there are Merom based units close to release. Having had the Macbook for a couple of days, I don't think I'd be happy with anything less than the Macbook Pro in regards to a laptop.

    Unfortunately good deals don't bring them anywhere into my budget range (or at least anything I can justify to my financial controller).

    Its funny, since returning the Macbook last week, my IT life feels empty and boring. A sign perhaps ;)Colin Williams#
  2. It is a sign. The OSX bug has bitten. I think the Macbook Pro line is next up for a feature bump, so get saving now! :-) Ben Poole#
  3. Just watched the opening session of the WWDC and I found it all very exciting…clearly you are correct - the OS X bug has bitten! :)Colin Williams#

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