DominoWiki 1.1 progress

Version 1.1 is almost done. I’ve released the latest beta to my wiki, but there’s still stuff to do. The multi-lingual capability is complete in terms of coding, and I now have an idea of pretty much all the strings I require. If you fancy a credit on the project by helping out with translation, do let me know! This will entail receiving a “script” of strings in English, which will require translation. I will then place the new language strings into the relevant file in the final template.

Other stuff? Well, the page diff function is pretty much done. I have some fledgeling page promote code—functionality which allows the wiki user to “promote” an older version of a page document so that it becomes the main wiki document—and will release this on the site in the next day or two. Meanwhile, you can compare any version with the current page using the “History” link at the bottom of a page.

A few more bugs, a bit of documentation and testing, and we’re there. I would love to have been able to meet my original deadline (end of July), but alas, real life got in the way ;-)


  1. Ben,

    I will be glad to help translating to Portuguese.Vitor Pereira#
  2. Many thanks Vitor, that's very kind of you. So far I have volunteers for Portuguese and Italian.

    I probably won't rely on my own French, there's not much call for websites in Latin, and Volker knows how bad my German is.

    So, I will be grateful to hear from all volunteers!Ben Poole#
  3. I can help with the Kiwi translation! ;)Colin Williams#
  4. It would be a pleasure to help with the Dutch translationLars Berntrop-Bos#
  5. I'll do an English to American translation if you want! ;-)Simon Barratt#
  6. Lars -- many thanks, much appreciated!

    Colin and Simon: you can laugh, I might have to find work for you both now… ;-) Ben Poole#
  7. I would like to do the Spanish translation.Victor Huerta#
  8. I can help with screencasts, podcasts and documentation.Bruce Elgort#
  9. Bonjour,
    I'm volunteer for the French translation…Olivier Moreau#
  10. I could do the German stuffMichael Gollmick#
  11. I could do German also but if michael does it i will provide the same in Bavarian.Thomas Schulte#
  12. I can do Swiss German (Solothurnese dialect) if you want. However, how big is the thing? Is it something you can do in an hour or does it take several business days? :)Philipp Sury#
  13. I can help with Spanish
    Eliseo Sorto#
  14. Hi Ben, I can handle translation to danish.Per Henrik Lausten#
  15. Let me know if you need some help, I only know English. I have done a couple of screencasts.Chad Schelfhout#
  16. I would be glad to do the Polish translation. And if there are no other volunteers I could take a stab at the aussie one, too.Slawek Rogulski#
  17. Wow, what a great response from everyone, both here and via email: thank you very much!

    I will be in touch with people shortly.

    To answer Philipp's question, the job shouldn't take long. I have a list of strings in English that I need to translate. I send you the list, you send it back with the translations in. I then create the language file and stick it in the database as a resource document: job done!

    Thanks again to one and all.Ben Poole#
  18. I don't have problem with Czech, just don't know how many people will use it.But I believe that we'll find someone :)Martin#
  19. I can have a go at Japanese translation, it will be my first attempt at technical translation from English to Japanese but I'd like to give it a shot.Doug#
  20. I can handle translation to Brasilian portuguese, dutch and german.
    I saw that you had volunteers for all of them, but drop me a line if you need any help on them.Joao Vlasman#
  21. Hi Ben

    Kudos on the Notes wiki.

    While looking for more info on the project i stumbled onto this

    I'm loving the editing buttons but couldn't find a release on openntf that incorporated them… Is this somehting you've got lined up for the future or has someone else adapted you design? Either way, it's pretty cool.

    Kudos again

    Ed Tolley#
  22. I could get a Malay, Thai and Mandarin version… just need to armtwist a few friends.
    :-) stwStephan H. Wissel#
  23. Hi Ed, looks like a discussion has kicked off on your post in a different location, you can find it here ->

    What I think is happening is that some guy has added the wysiwyg feature in by using an opensource javascript project called TinyMSC and developer wizardry. I guess the mistake shouldn't be made that this project is ready to roll for the average user. It's still aimed squarely at the Domino developer so if you are merely a humble administrator then you have to take this template on face value which in turn is probably no good for your end users until a wysiwyg editor is bundled into the project for us admins without developer skills.Brett Stacey#

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