Tag clouds with Domino

Good old Ferdy has come up with an excellent article demonstrating how to render content in a Domino database as a so-called “tag cloud”, you know, the sort of thing you see on Flickr et al.

Ferdy’s solution is pretty elegant, using constructs such as a categorised view, some Javascript and CSS. This is something (one of many things) I’ve been meaning to apply thought to for months, so thanks Ferdy!

Ferdy Christant: Domino Tag Clouds.


  1. This could come in handy, what? ;-)Volker Weber#
  2. See my Lotusscript version here

    and here:
    Thomas Adrian#
  3. Thanks for the plug, Ben. Really appreciate it.Ferdy#
  4. @1,

    Do I smell wiki?Bruce#
  5. Not necessarily.Volker Weber#
  6. @4 actually, no, no wiki. Well, not originally. But you never know… Ben Poole#

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