Another artist recently re-discovered: Frank Zappa. Lawks, but the man was a frigging genius. And hilarious to boot. Just listening to Tink Walks Amok now… superb instrumental! Now, what else:

Well, I found a site chock-full of legal live music downloads at So I promptly bought a three-disc set of Primus, live in California from around two years ago. It was ten bucks for no DRM, just nice clean MP3s with a booklet and insert download for any CD you might want to burn.

Now that rocks. And the music is splendid: in addition to a whole shed-load of wondrous Primus, the lads do YYZ and La Villa Strangiato. Got to be happy with that…


  1. Ben…Frank Zappa is THE MAN! :-)

    I will be attending the Zappa Plays Zappa show in Ohio near the end of October. This is one of my most anticipated shows in many years. I never got to see Frank, so this is the second best thing. I was a bit overzelous with bidding on special tickets, but I ended up being one of the winners of the Ticketmaster auction and will be entering the venue early to watch the soundcheck and enjoying the show from the third row!

    Always glad to find fellow lovers of Frank's music around. He was an incredible individual…

    Oh yeah…Primus is the bomb too! Thanks for the link!!!

    Cheers…ChrisChris Blatnick#
  2. I saw Primus donkeys years ago supporting Rush at the NEC, Hold Your Fire tour (when the filmed A Show of Hands). It being the NEC the sound was fairly poor, but I do remember Les Claypole being absolute manic running around the stageDave Harris#
  3. Frank and Primus do indeed both rock!

    I was lucky enough to see Primus, also with Rush, some 13 years ago in the US. I went to see Rush in Indianapolis (I think it must have been the Counterparts tour).

    Both bands were amazing, and we heard Primus sound-checking too.

    Anyway, the live recording I grabbed is excellent, I recommend it. It's top of the charts on primuslive at the moment, and it's the 30 May 2004 gig at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley. 2'37 of pure suckage!Ben Poole#

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