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Goodness, already been back a week! How time flies. Anyway, I’ve finally caught up on news feeds, email, etc., and I have a new beta of DominoWiki in the works. This should be the final release before 1.1 goes gold. At last!

Work continues to bite, although I am finally doing some development, so it’s not all bad. I stumbled upon this post this morning, which might be useful to anyone out there doing web development. If you’re a seasoned coder, chances are you’re alredy using some of these tools, but it’s a good list nonetheless:

Brennan Stehling: Web Development Tools for the Power Developer. (Via Mike Cannon-Brookes).


  1. Hello,

    have you ever thought about internationalizing DominoWiki? I will probably need to translate it into Czech. I wonder if there is any good/prefered way to do it "right".
    Thanks for the DominoWiki - it is great!Josef Prusa#
  2. :-) Poole#
  3. Sorry, missed that entry. So if you please send me your "pack of strings" for translation, we can have a Czech (and most likely even a Slovak) version.

    :-)Josef Prusa#
  4. Thanks Josef! I have a volunteer for Czech already, but you can never have too many, especially if you can do Slovak too! The strings will be going out this week.Ben Poole#
  5. I'll phone Martin if he needs any help…
    We are a small country, especially in Notes/Domino :-)Josef Prusa#

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