Didn’t see that coming!

iTunes 7 logoThe predictable analysis is kicking off everywhere about Apple’s latest announcements. All good solid stuff for the company, with the interesting twist that “iTV” has been previewed well in advance, presumably to push media companies to get behind the system.

One thing that hasn’t had much mention (beyond, of course, Mr. Gruber, curiously sans permalink) is that the new version of iTunes now incorporates the excellent Cover Flow, an application I’ve posted about before. That’s a canny purchase on Apple’s part: Cover Flow rocks, so nice work Steel Skies!

What else… well, automatic album art downloads and—at last—gapless playback will do for me! Predictably, Mark Pilgrim mutters about the update. But hang on, he runs Linux now doesn’t he? Why should he care? [smiley PokeTongue]

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