More on iTunes 7 (Windows)

Been using the beastie for a couple of days now, and so far so good. On the Mac at least.

I have a few beefs with the Windows version of iTunes 7:

  • Installation. The installer takes an age to fire up, but then gets on with the job. It has a very annoying quirk however, in that should you choose to move any of your Quicktime or iTunes shortcuts around, the installer will then move them back again the next time you fire up either iTunes or Quicktime (and takes its time doing it to boot). That’s not on.
  • Distortion. I’ve not experienced this one, but a lot of people are having trouble with sound in iTunes. Occasionally I experience choppy sound if my PC tries to launch another program whilst I’m playing music, but a pause or restarting iTunes irons that out. If you’re having issues with iTunes 7 and distortion, check out the knowledgebase article, iTunes and QuickTime for Windows: Songs and other audio don’t play correctly or read the relevant discussion forum.
  • Cover Flow. There’s a bug here. At least for some people, myself included. (Click through on the thumbnail below). A pretty grim font, and a strange diagonal line through all the artwork. There’s also some odd artifact in the horizontal slider beneath the artwork. This doesn’t happen in the other two music library views. Again, plenty of discussion on this in the forums, no solution yet.

Click through to see full-size screenshot of Cover Flow rendering bug Screenshot iffy iTunes version dropdown on Apple feedback pages

By way of a somewhat amusing sidenote, I opted to file some feedback with Apple regarding the Cover Flow issue. Clicking on the “Provide iTunes feedback” option in iTunes brings up a feedback web page.

Unfortunately, what with all the excitement of yesterday’s launch, Apple haven’t yet caught up with themselves!

Further reading

Bruce Elgort posts about some annoying UI changes and also links to another list of issues, with comments noting even more. Hmmm. I predict 7.1 soon.


  1. This is a fix for the "fuzzy, crackly" distortion that you may get on some tracks. Dawkins#

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