“Unlocking new markets”

Wow, Microsoft continue to innovate with Vista:

Yes, MS have discovered speech-to-text text-to-speech technology, and are touting it as a key piece of innovation and differentiation within the forthcoming (maybe) release of Vista.

Please… do people really believe this stuff??


  1. I remember testing this stuff some 10 years ago in OS/2 Warp. As far as I can tell from this example the technology is not improving as fast as claimed.Josef Prusa#
  2. Ooops - meant OS/2 Merlin, naturally.Josef Prusa#
  3. I worked at Dragon as an intern over 10 years ago. Speaking commands into a microphone for hours at a time was too boring to put into words.

    Funny how it doesn't seem to work any better than back then..Gabe#
  4. Other than the glitch didn't it work quite well? - though I'd agree that having it work in anything other than a quite environment looks unlikely ..Scott#

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