Goodness, reading a certain weblog entry this evening, alarm bells started ringing in the back of my head. Here’s the post:

Nathan Freeman: I’m BAAAAAAAAAACK! .

No? Not with me? OK, try this one (don’t worry, I’ll wait):

Julian Robichaux: The Lord Loves A Working Man.

Now, add in the fact that a chap called Rocky lives in Flowery Branch, Georgia.

I tell you, strange good things are going to be happening in GA…


  1. Wow, small world! He will be working across the street from me :)Brian Green#
  2. LOL! If nothing else, we're going to have to have regular Notes bashes in the city every month or so -- not a user group per se, more like a developer party.

    Maybe we can all scare Tom Nichols (Tom's Rant) back out of hiding too. I know where he works…
    Julian Robichaux#

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