Domiclipse re-visited

It’s been some time since I needed to code some Java for a Notes / Domino application (heck, it’s been some time since I coded full-stop!), but just as I fired up Domino Designer’s dreadful Java IDE, a thought occurred: what about Domiclipse? It’s been some time since I last tinkered with it, so off I went to grab the latest version via Eclipse’s update mechanism. Within a few minutes I was good to go.

Screenshot of Domiclipse dialog, pushing changes back to Domino

Domiclipse is easy to use. Once the plug-in is installed, simply select “Project” from the File » New menu, and then navigate to the Domiclipse project option. Now, tell the tool where your database is and it will discover all Java code therein, whether agents or libraries. Select which pieces you want to bring in to your Eclipse IDE, and you’re set.

This tool is awesome. Kudos to Keith Smillie! It’s just soooo good to be able to use Eclipse for Java in Domino. The sync back to Notes is quick’n’easy, no worries at all. And now I can refactor, test, tinker to my heart’s content.

Deep joy :-)


  1. Sigh… basks in the warm glow of adoration.

    I'd just like to remind people that Domiclipse is an Open Source project which means that anyone from the Notes community or beyond who would like to learn about Eclipse at the sharp-end is welcome to contribute.

    The next step for Domiclipse is to *try* and develop a LotusScript editor for Eclipse. It's not going to be easy but it should be fun in a hard-core Java kinda way.

    Wouldn't it be nice to refactor LotusScript, eh?

    KeithKeith Smillie#
  2. Ben did you use the update site to install the plugin? I get an error of some core component not being installed - just interested in knowing…Mikkel Heisterberg#
  3. Hi Mikkel. Yes, I did.

    Your error sounds familiar though; check Preferences / Domiclipse and ensure that the plug-in is pointing at the correct Notes directory on your machine.Ben Poole#
  4. Well I jumped the gun a little. Apparently I had to uncheck the "Ignore features not applicable for this environment" setting in on the second page of the dialogbox to have all three components show up. In my defence it wasn't the most logical setting to disable. :-)

    Anyways - it's up and running. Nice!! I got to go grab the source code I think.Mikkel Heisterberg#
  5. … and its openSource.
    So those who have found a start in Eclipse plug-in dev
    do like/have experience with Domino can use this as inspiration material.
    Here you find the description how to download the source of the plugins from sourceforge straight into some Eclipse installation of yours:
    Axel Janssen#
  6. I mean here:
    (its in a frameset)Axel Janssen#
  7. I've been using it for quite a while now and often forget how much of a difference it has made. It's only when I have to go and edit someone else's agents that I raise a glass to Keith once more.

    It should be one of the first things installed on a Domino Java developer's machine.

    MattMatt White#

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