Introducing Scrybe.

There are some silly assertions in there, but it’s interesting stuff nonetheless. For example, Scrybe’s creators reckon it is the first offline web application. I beg to differ, but point taken that it does the off-line thing in the nicest way: no installation required. It’s refreshing to be able to take an application off-line without having to use something like DOLS or—shudder—iOra.

I especially like the calendar user interface. Anyway, a few points are raised by the video / in the comments to it:

  • Outlook sync Why ask about this? Surely the whole point is that Scrybe is the organiser application!
  • Decent copy & paste I like the Excel / MS Project copy & paste featured. Web clippings look like they work very intuitively also
  • Back-end What’s going on back there I wonder! What server? OS? Platform? Client support?

OK, so this is a sneak peek. No doubt there’s plenty missing. But it’s intriguing eh! Scrybe is going into a beta cycle later this month.

Via m’learned colleague, Ric.


  1. Hey
    Thanks for sparing the time to watch the screencast.Glad you find it interesting.
    A quick note regarding the OfflineSync, the basic vision was a web application that " itself "is developed from scratch to have a capability to work offline without relying on any extra installations on the client side.
    I understand that there are niche expensive solutions that let enterprises offer similar capability.This is targetted at the personal or small business user without an IT infrastructure to help him.So that now he can benefit from an application that is delivered over the web and can still have offline capability.
    Hope it will be useful for these target audiences..

    Thanks again for the appreciation
    Faizan Buzdar
    ScrybeFaizan Buzdar#

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