Web 2.0 vs. Notes

As I have already intimated, I don’t especially want to engage with the recent nonsense, but I would like to pick up on an emerging theme in the discussions at innovation Creators and elsewhere. Namely, the implication that Lotus Notes & Domino technology is somehow pitted against the whole “Web 2.0 thing” (lawks, but I hate that term).

When he asked, Is it dangerous to criticise Lotus Notes?, Cliff Reeves stated that co-existence is a better discussion point than the constant Notes vs. Exchange or Notes vs. Sharepoint arguments—Fair enough. So, why do the “Web 2.0 vs. Notes / Domino” thing?

The two can co-exist very happily. There are plenty of people out there (Vince DiMascio, Lance Spellman, Matt White, Mac Guidera—and many more) who:

(a) have not engaged in this debate and;
(b) are quietly pumping out excellent, Web 2.0-style Domino applications.

So huzzah for that!


  1. Thanks for noticing!Mac Guidera#
  2. As we all know in the end any php vs. java, agile vs. document-heavy, oo database vs. rdbms debate is questionable regarding its real content.
    In 99.8% of the cases the discutants have different things in their minds, though the words they use are the same.
    This morning I got mad, because a new manager I work with "has gone document-heavy" and I had to defend the project from "plain evil". As it turned out, there was a misunderstanding about the task he asked me for.
    Those internet debates are similar. More often or not there are Don Quichotes fighting each other only because they have different definitions of "web2.0" or "Lotus Notes" in their minds. Of course there is no contradiction between both. But by constructing a contradiction you can make text more interesting to read :-) Axel#
  3. The other day a web two-ohhhh god was proudly displaying his latest evidence of AJAX superiority - dragging files to a folder! Can you imagine what we could do if that feature were available in Notes?
    Oh wait…Ed Maloney#

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