Code searching treasures

What a fantastic post from Jason Kottke: all about various treasures one can divine from Google code search. For example, there are comments about “stupid users” WinZip cracking algorithms, people coding whilst drunk, and so on and so forth. My personal favourite? The ideas of developers advertising themeselves in code comments!

Google code search.

Update: The Register have caught on to this too (caution: rude words).


  1. You know, if I *didnt* litter my code with expletives, I think I woudl have died. Cool. Expected. And why the fuss.. Oh Some Folks have no sense of humour. Just point em at me, and I'll sort them out.. :-)

    How about searching for "here there be dragons" or "you should not have go here".. My fave comments.. :-)

    --* BillWild Bill#

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