Application icon for Voice CandyFancy a free copy of Potion Factory’s Voice Candy application? Voice Candy’s a bit of fun—it’s billed as something that “does for your microphone what Photo Booth does for the webcam.”

If that appeals, might I suggest you head on over and vote at the My Dream App site? It’s a bit like “X-Factor” or “Pop / American Idol”, only this time for OS X applications. A bit of fun, and a beautifully executed web site to boot.

Via Tom at musicthing.


  1. Thanks Ben - this software is neat! Bruce#
  2. Voice Candy is splendid. I spent a fair bit of this afternoon with the kids converting daddy in to Daddy Vader, etc.

    My youngest (Toby, aged 2) particularly enjoyed daddy’s rendition of “Make Way For Noddy” in “mouse mode”. You can download this special piece right here: Poole#

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