Notes? Wikis? How dare you!

Oh dear, in having the presumption to release an open-source wiki template for Lotus Domino, I think I offended Robert Basic. He waded into that whole Boothby thing, and the comments ranged all over the place. Eventually, someone mentioned a wiki in Lotus Notes, and then Ed chipped in:

Robert, have you looked at DominoWiki on OpenNTF?

Robert didn’t like that.

is that all you can say? A DominoWiki? Oh my… i will close the thread since that was so embarrassing :(

Sorry Robert.

Anyway, for those who are interested in such fripperies, the first “release candidate” for version 1.1 is now live on my wiki. Have a tinker, please keep the testing away from non-SandBox pages, and be sure to log any thoughts on the appropriate page!


  1. Ben, dont get me wrong, sorry for this: its not about a wiki, it was about the inability of this guy, called "Ed Brill" to answer some real questions, which i was interested in, instead he had chosen to saddle a dead horse ("see the beauty of our products"… but that wasnt even near the main topic). We have a saying for such a wrong understod loyalty in Germany= "Kadavergehorsam"

    btw, interesting to hear that you have taken the trip to built a wiki based on Notes.Kudos!

  2. Rob, as I see it you prevented this guy called "Ed Brill" from answering some real questions by closing the thread.Vitor Pereira#
  3. that shouldnt be a bigger problem, a real Blogger can use his own blog to find some answers. Not that it would matter, but i can say without any anger that im not interested in Eds insigths and IBM storytellings as a company blogger 1.0 Robert#
  4. Robert - good luck. Ed's actually quite a smart guy - despite working for IBM. I like him. He's good.

    Dont let the Lotus Notes history get you down. Where else can you get a PKI based object database with 15 years of use ? :-)

    DominoWiki is very very cool. Dont let Bens britihs understatedness fool you. He's a very very smart guy. Far better than me.

    And. hey. Its a big marketplace, in permanent transition. Of course you'll find *old* products. Hell, IBM still sell the zSeries/360.

    why ?

    They still work in their problem space.

    Lotus Notes ? Well. We still keep kicking live into it. Sorry..


    ---* BillWild Bill#
  5. Pay no attention, Ben. Or, if you must think of what Robert said, take it as a compliment. Clearly the very idea of what you've accomplished is truly fantastic, to the point that he couldn't imagine it could be done at all.

    Robert clearly has issues with Ed, for whatever reason, so his reaction to Ed's question most likely had nothing to do with the content of the question. The fact that it was exactly the same sort of reaction as the ones for which he criticized Ed is just a small ornament on the enormous Christmas tree of irony that has been built in the last week.Rob McDonagh#
  6. Robert, thanks for clearing that up: you should give Ed more of a chance though, I agree.

    As for you Bill, you're kidding… look what I do compared with what you do man! But thank you anyway!

    OK, love-in over ;-) Ben Poole#
  7. Since I can actually comment here, I should mention that , as @2 above correctly surmises, I was trying to get an answer to that first question before I commented on the larger disappointment expressed by Robert. That answer would have helped me express a longer answer at some future point, but instead my question was greeted, as @5 indicates, with the same childish behaviour I was accused of.

    So there you go. I think I've generally addressed the points in Robert's posting in my own . But I would still like to know if he's looked at DominoWiki :-)Ed Brill#
  8. Yeah, DominoWiki rules. It is a superb piece of software engineering. Or at least, part of it is (thank you Julian). The rest is OK…

    But 1.1. Oh, 1.1 rocks. Even though I say so myself :-)

    Ed, thanks for commenting. I was somewhat puzzled at your reception over at, I have to say. The post you link to on your site is a good one, and hopefully puts to bed the weirdness we’ve all experienced the past couple of weeks. Thanks for stopping by!Ben Poole#
  9. Hi, Dominowiki looks great. I only had some issues with that style tips drawer. It started to behave funky when I tried to resize the main window with the drawer open.Josef Prusa#
  10. Hi Josef - yep, thanks, saw your comments. I have logged it all in the wiki Poole#
  11. I wonder if just plain old popup window would not be better. You could resize and move it around freely. Unless you are against popup windows as a concept.Josef Prusa#
  12. Yes I am :-) Ben Poole#

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