Getting Real is now free

The book that really kicked-off the whole Ruby on Rails thing, together with offerings from 37signals like Basecamp et al, is now free if you’re happy to read it on-line:

Getting Real (HTML version).

It’s an interesting text, what I’ve read so far. Also, if on-line isn’t your thing, you can still buy the book.


  1. It's a great book. Full of that "advanced common sense" stuff, but sometimes it takes a well-respected person or group to make people realize some of these ideas which are so simple can actually work so well. I bought the 10 copy license a while back to share with my team. Enjoy the read!

    By the way, Ben…the Zappa Plays Zappa show was fantastic! You can see my blog for a brief review. Cheers…Chris Blatnick#

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