DominoWiki 1.1: spotted in the wild!

OK, version 1.1 has gone gold. On my wiki at least. A download will be available on the OpenNTF project page soon. So here’s where we’re at:

This release introduces subtle tweaks to the “vanilla” look and feel of the site (and the back-end application). It also brings half-decent page versioning, a page diff engine, customisable HTML for the header section, soft deletions support, a few requested features and Javascript tweaks, a multilingual web user interface, OpenLog integration, and more. Known issues and additional comments:

  • Documentation. This will follow. I provide fairly decent installation, configuration and usage instructions in the “Using this database” document, but some more comprehensive docs are in the pipeline
  • Language files. The inital download comes with (UK) English, Italian and French. I have a few more languages in the works (thank you to my fine translator volunteers!) Feel free to chip in with translations of your own, discussed in the TranslationOutstanding page
  • Migration agents. A couple exist in the database. One dates from v1.0.x and works well. The other is somewhat newer, and has had limited testing. As with any code of its ilk, I would recommend backing-up before running! I’d also appreciate feedback on the migration stuff, as I aim to beef that up considerably in future point releases
  • Parser bug: if the first line of a page contains wiki markup, this doesn’t always “take”. I will be addressing this soon
  • Styletips bug: if the screen is re-sized, the drawer does odd things. I will be replacing the effects code here shortly
  • The page diff code uses an open source Javascript implementation which has its own quirks. You can read about them on the relevant site
  • The multi-lingual UI tries to cover as much as it can of the web interface. It does not cover window titles at the moment, only content within pages

That will do for now—more notes in the readme. Stay tuned for the download, and keep coming back—there will be more documentation, language files, point releases etc. over the coming months!

Many thanks to all the contributors for this release—the community owes you one!

Update: the file is now on OpenNTF.


  1. Congrats!Giuseppe Grasso#
  2. Excellent!Stephan H. Wissel#
  3. The most thanks go back to you Ben, for all the unsung efforts. Not having been involved in an OpenNTF project before I hadn't appreciated quite how much work goes into getting a release out of the door, but now I am truly grateful that there are people out there willing to put the time and effort into these things.

    MattMatt White#
  4. Thanks guys -- and Guiseppe, thank you very much for all your hard work on the Italian strings! The download will be on OpenNTF shortly… just been finalising a few things.Ben Poole#

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