Wiki update

Lots of good things happening with DominoWiki at the moment. For example, some more translations are now out there thanks to Olivier Moreau (French) and Stefan Prauss, Ruediger Weitz and Thomas Schulte (German). Philipp Sury has also produced a Swiss German translation which will be out soon.

Per Henrik Lausten has done sterling work translating DominoWiki into Danish—I will release this language file very soon along with the others.

A final note for French speakers: in addition to beefing up the original French translation, Olivier has also put together a page in French covering the migration of content from DominoWiki 1.x to 1.1:

Procèdure de migration de 1.0.x vers 1.1 .

Many many thanks to all of the above, and indeed everyone else who has worked on this release / the translations: we’re coming along nicely!

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