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DominoWiki logoLast night I recorded a wee podcastlet for Bruce which he has since released. Fast work! Anyway, this covers what’s new in version 1.1 of DominoWiki. (Shortly after the recording last night, I slammed my foot into a stair, and I am now gimping around the house like you would not believe. Ow ow ow!)

Taking Notes Episode 36: 11.18.06 - DominoWiki 1.1 with Ben Poole.


  1. Ben

    Good stuff! Thanks for the honourable mention too - took me by surprise as I was listening to the podcastlet while I suffered the darkest-hour-before-dawn Virgin Train 'service' to Stafford yesterday. :-)

    JulianJulian Woodward#
  2. PS. Ouch. How's the foot?Julian Woodward#
  3. :-) Ah yes, the foot. It's uncomfortable. And a pleasing shade of grey-purple thanks to the HUGE bruise on it. Oooof, who knew stairs could be so mean?Ben Poole#
  4. Good work on the wiki, but you get no sympathy from me about your foot! This is pain Barratt#

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