… you’re breaking all the rules of ’blogging if you apologise for the lack of posts on your site. Well, sod that, mum and dad brought me up to have a modicum of politeness, so my apologies. What’s going on to warrant radio silence?

  • DominoWiki version 1.2. I want to get this out of the door far faster than 1.1!
  • Resource pack database for DominoWiki: this will contain updated resource and file documents for the template. For example, more language files, an updated DominoWiki logo graphic (I forgot about the 256 colour rule for PNGs in Internet Exploder. Doh!), and so on
  • Work. Yes, that’s been taking up a lot of time at the moment. My current project work is interesting (an XHTML-compliant website / content management system built with Domino), but alas, I cannot devote as much time to that as I would like. Such is life as a corporate developer!

So there you go. Hope everyone States-side enjoyed their turkeys, and stay tuned for more geekery soon!


  1. You might want to take a look at this entry on vitamin about ie7. There is some interesting stuff in there about XHTML compliance.

    Sean---Sean Burgess#

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