Joe’s Garage

Zappa moustache logoLife constantly throws up little surprises, and many of them are delightful. Such as this one:

Two Mancunians sing along to “Joe’s Garage”.

God bless Frank Zappa.


  1. Would this be an appropriate point at which to say Titties'n'Beer?Keith Smillie#
  2. lol… I just watched the video! How could you *not* sing along?

    It was a stratocaster with a wammy bar…Keith Smillie#
  3. @1 Keith: is there ever a bad time? OK, maybe not at funerals…Ben Poole#
  4. Never pegged you as a Zappa fan… Joe's Garage is my alltime favourite album, shame this URL crashes every browser on my PC :(

    "…it looks just like a Telefunken U-47."
    "With leather?"Andy Dempster#
  5. @Andy… odd. The video is an .mp4 file embedded in a page, so if your Quicktime plug-in is reasonably up-to-date it should play. The direct URI:
    Ben Poole#
  6. Oh yes - Frank… Heard Chalk Pie again yesterday in the car. There's so much in Franks music and lyrics… What a great musician and man…

    Jens-Christian Fischer#

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