As you may have read over at, the black Macbook arrived today, one day ahead of schedule! I only ordered it on Friday afternoon, so that’s pretty quick service from Apple and UPS. Luckily I was working from home, so could get the thing in my grubby little mits quick-smart.

Well, what a beautiful machine. I’ve seen a Macbook briefly in an Apple store, but having one up-close and personal is quite a different proposition. This machine oozes quality, and the set-up process was—as I’ve encountered in the past—flawless. Within the hour I had my account, my apps, and my settings all copied across from Ethelred, via the “Firewire disk mode” process.

I took some photos. They’re not great, but they’re OK. If you’re after Macbook unpacking pr0n, Flickr is the place to go.

Finally, I have to say it again: THANK YOU SO SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO MADE THIS POSSIBLE. You have made a certain English thirty-something very, very happy :-)

Oh, one thing remains: a name! I have to christen this wee beastie. All suggestions welcome!


  1. MacWiki perhaps?Lance Spellman#
  2. That's simple… you should call it 'Mother' after 'Mother Vowe' :-)

    But seriously, if going for a theme then make sure that there are lots of names in the theme. I quickly ran out of Calvin and Hobbes characters for all my machines.Declan Lynch#
  3. I'd go with "Moon Unit" myself, but it probably says something about me. My main development machine is Moominpapa.Ben Langhinrichs#
  4. Some good suggestions! Given my current predilection for re-discovering my Zappa collection, I’m inclined to go with Ben L for now though ;-)Ben Poole#
  5. I would call it "Ray". Not after Mr. Ozzie, but rather after Mr. Charles. Like Iris used to call their Notes servers. Anyone remember Ella, or Clapton?Volker Weber#
  6. Ya look good with it Ben…I must say, the black units look quite swish don't they!

    Fascinated by the "firewire disk mode" thing that appears to migrate apps etc from your old machine - does it work well?Colin Williams#
  7. How about "Wikibook"?Bruce Elgort#
  8. @6: it works very well. All my settings, preferences, data and passwords came over—even my.bash_profile.Ben Poole#
  9. As a user of Domino Wiki I am pleased to see you had received some worthy recognition. Congrats Ben. What a great community we live and work in.

    However as a non-mac user I am interested to know if you use this as your primary machine or do you also use a PC. I guess the question is in regards to the fact that many products like Domino Designer arn't supported on Macs and hence how do you do it? Do you use some kind on emulator? or am I just showing my lack of knowledge about Macs. I am just interested as it seems to me that the Mac community is almost as passionate about Macs as we Lotus orientated folk are about Notes & Domino. There must be a very good reason for that kind of loyalty?

    I am planning on purchasing a new laptop in Jan and I had looked very briefly at Macbooks (because they are so shiny!) but hadn't really considered the platform. So why would I, someone that has always used PC's, bother with a Macbook?

    AdamAdam Brown#
  10. Having just done a little research I see that I really had no idea what you could do with a Macbook Pro. Hmm. Running Windows on a Mac. I would love to hear how well it works and the pros and cons.Adam Brown#
  11. Well you've got Stinky. Reckon this one's Kinky.Ginger Binger#
  12. @Adam. Up until now I've not done Domino development on my Mac. My new machine is an Intel beastie, and so can run Windows in a virtual machine / via Bootcamp, so it's an option - it goes beyond mere "emulation" because you're running on Intel.

    My old machine was a G4 however, and the virtualisation options with that chipset are far more narrow (and performance is pretty grim as you are using emulation then).

    Does that help?

    As for why you'd bother with a Macbook or Macbook Pro, well that's a very personal choice. I choose Mac because I love Apple's approach to design, and because I think that OS X is a splendid operating system. Each to their own!Ben Poole#

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