The D!

Last night I was fortunate to be in Hammersmith (yes, really!) attending a concert by none other than Tenacious D. What a fantastic band. I’m always a little dubious of humour in music, but there are heroes out there who transcend this potential pitfall, pumping out high quality music whilst also being very amusing. Tenacious D definitely fall into this group. Kyle Gass is brilliant, whilst Jack Black frankly amazed me with his antics last night: fine singing, guitar playing and general running around for the entirety of their two hour set. There were plenty of tunes, old and new, with a cool wee story running through and a fine band to back the duo.

As one might expect, Fuck Her Gently and Tribute were the encores, with a final song being a frenetic cover of Pinball Wizard. What a band! I’ve yet to see The Pick Of Destiny, but will endeavour to do so soon. In the meantime, might I recommend their eponymous debut to you?


  1. Wow…I'm jealous! I've yet to see them live but would really love to. Sounds like a great time. The debut album was superb and I can't wait to see The Pick of Destiny. Hopefully they'll tour near me soon again sometime soon. Chris Blatnick#
  2. I have to agree with Chris - I am very jealous! I have played to death their first album and expect to see the second under the Christmas Tree. While I like the fact that my kids love Jack Black, I am hesistant to let them listen to either album. :-)

    City Hall is one of my favorite songs.Gregg Eldred#

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