Dashcode public beta released

Apple Dashcode application icon

Apple have made a public beta of their Dashcode application available. Dashcode is a nice wee development environment for widget creation. Within approximately 47 seconds of firing Dashcode up (I was timing it), I had a fully functional “” widget working. The interface is clean, with plenty of drag and drop functionality. You don’t need to read instructions to start, it’s that straightforward.

Very impressive—and I don’t see what’s to stop people using it for more general web and Javascript coding going forward.

You can download the beta for free if you have an Apple Developer Connection login. The disk image comes in at 19MB.


  1. So when do I get my widget? : )mac guidera#
  2. DashCode also slipped out earlier in 2006 on some of the Macbook CD's :-)Bruce Elgort#

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