That was the year that was

And so to the obligatory review of the year!

Notes & Domino, DominoWiki

2006 started with a real bang for me. I went to my first “proper” Lotusphere, and loved it. I met many friends, both new, old, and hitherto “virtual”. The sessions were great, there was a real buzz about the place, and socially I had a blast. Hey, I even got quoted up there on the big screen in the closing session!

The event was also a real eye-opener in terms of my project, DominoWiki. Up until January of this year, I was coding in a vacuum and really not sure whether I was going to continue with the project. LS06 turned that round for me, and I even made some great new contacts in terms of development and documentation resources for the team! So, all in all, a fantastic conference, which hopefully won’t be my last (a sea-change is required to address that: more later).

DominoWiki finally got to version 1.1 this year (and 1.2 is imminent). I’m getting some excellent feedback on it now, and have even seen it being used in the wild. Very cool.

With regards Notes and Domino content on this site, we could do with much more, I know! I aim to produce more technical content in 2007 for sure. I got away with a few show ’n’ tell posts this year, but that’s about it.


Ah, the long-term tech love of my life: Macs and wot-not. Well, my old iPod shuffle failed, so I bought a nano (still going strong). But of course, the big event was the amazing show of generosity kick-started by my good friend Volker that resulted in the beautiful machine that I am now typing on. I still can’t quite believe I have a Macbook all of my own :-).

2007 should be interesting for Apple: we get to see Leopard, and MacWorld kicks off in a week or so.

Professional life

OK, enough happy stuff (!) Professionally, 2006 sucked. Various projects from hell continued from 2005, and I got a whole new project from hell which is on-going. On the bright side, I am working on a Domino site which is particularly interesting, so every cloud has a silver lining: I did manage to get back into programming in the latter half of this year.

Home life

The kids are growing fast. My eldest is eight, my youngest two and a half. Extraordinary. A number of events occurred over the year to make me very thankful for my family and our health: I’m sure many of you can relate.

We’ve also done a load of stuff to the house—or paid out money to have stuff done to it— over the past 12 months. There’s a reason they call houses “money pits” eh!

Friends out there

During the course of 2006 I continued to receive a lot of support, technologically and otherwise, from Volker, for which I am very grateful: he even took me for a ride around Frankfurt and up a mountain :-D.

What else happened? Well, Bruce got married, hurrah! Bruce, as ever, has been very supportive during 2006, with DominoWiki and other things, and I am grateful. He has done this whilst also keeping up his own site, guest editing at vowe dot net, running OpenNTF, presenting at Lotusphere, managing his day job and finally running the tremendous Taking Notes podcast with Julian. Bravo gentlemen!

I continued to exchange email with various friends over the year, and met up with many of them again. The notables, in no particular order:


I’ve made a few posts over the year about music, both new album releases and older music re-discovered. A few of them:

With regards my own music, it’s early days: the audio in on the Macbook means I can finally record my bass or Chapman Stick in GarageBand. That’s been fun, but crikey, I don’t half need to practise!

I’m sure I’ll think of more stuff to post as 2007 gets underway (at least, in this hemisphere), but in the meantime, a very happy new year to one and all: do come back in 2007!

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