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Lotusphere 2007 bannerVery cool. And great to see IBM and Lotus recognising what everyone is up to in such a prominent way:

Lotusphere 2007 page at developerWorks. (As of now, I can’t see Ben L’s sessions database linked, but that seems to be the only omission).

Good job folks!

So, my question: does anyone want a wiki page for LS07? Normally it would be up already, but there was a bit of a hiccup on a slightly related matter. Anyway, I’m just testing the waters: I think it’s been useful in the past, but you can say no!

Via Ed Brill.


  1. The wiki has been useful in the past just to find out who is around.

    Pity you can't make it this year though.

    MattMatt White#
  2. Yes! But you knew that already. heh…Rob McDonagh#
  3. Of course we need the Wiki. Plus, on Sunday I will give you some LS-related information. ;-) Volker Weber#
  4. @Vowe,

    It's Sunday…….Bruce Elgort#
  5. Lotusphere Sunday, Bruce. And for Ben's eyes only.Volker Weber#
  6. @Ben, I think Ben L's schedule database is linked prominently off (aka, such that he's had more downloads this year than ever. Yes, we should get it added to this page, but I think he's getting decent exposure/credit…Ed Brill#
  7. Thanks Ed… I just noted this post on Bill's site too: the CraicBerry. How cool is that??

    Ben Poole#
  8. The wiki is go: Poole#

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