What constitutes “privacy”?

You may have heard about this court case in Brazil, in which a Brazilian model sought to prevent YouTube from hosting a dodgy video of her “romping” on the beach with her chap. Well, she won her case:

The internet is democratic and has to be defended, but this struggle is to have some level of control to avoid the violations of people’s fundamental rights, like privacy and intimacy…

Privacy? Privacy?? She was shagging in the sea in full view of the beach!

Peculiar. Read more…


  1. OK, but do you think that anyone who goes to a nude beach therefore gives up the right to prevent those photos from being shown off the nude beach? The fact that one is public in some way does not necessarily give everyone else the right to make that public in other ways.Ben Langhinrichs#
  2. Well, setting aside that I think naturism is a bit different from full-blown sex ;-) I see your point.

    But if you’re a celebrity (especially), you’re just being awfully stupid and / or naïve if you think behaviour like that won’t get out.

    Of course, few people outside Brazil or the soccer fraternity had heard of this woman before the court case, so the cynic in me then decides perhaps the subsequent coverage was the intention all along…Ben Poole#
  3. And of course, this being the Internet, because she kicked up a fuss she's only guaranteed that even more people have seen the video than would have otherwise, and that it is now also widely distributed and unkillable.

    I remember when they discussed this on Slashdot there were at least 4 or 5 different links to the video in the discussion, which I viewed to see what the fuss was about (it wasn't very exciting or revealing). I wouldn't have bothered if I hadn't have heard about it because of this court case.Marcin Szczepanski#

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